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Writer and producer of the following -


HIV Blind Date ‘What are the positives of being HIV positive?’

The HIV pandemic is far from over. For many, HIV / AIDS is a tired, old story. In order to refresh energy we need to create provocative, flamboyant, glamorous, rowdy, insightful, moving and surprising responses to explore and expose the realities of HIV in today’s society.


HIV Blind Date is a dating-show for people living and loving with HIV / HEP to share the realities of life, love and struggle for ‘World AIDS Day’ to celebrate how far we have come and build power for how far we need to go to end the HIV epidemic. Cilla asks the contestants to bring to life issues of diagnosis, disclosing, health, intimacy, sexual relationships and sexuality. Cilla's questions refer to the understanding that in the face of the condition the participants and audience gain a deeper perspective on love, life and death. Importantly, once you are marginalised in society, you are able to gain a more critical understanding of the system of power.

Shafted?! - an unashamedly deviant HIV cabaret and activism movement to stop the HIV ‘Second Silence’.











The show combines dance, performance, live music, stunts and spoken word to tell true life stories of people living with and affected by the virus. It is part of a wider body of activism combining workshops, mentoring schemes and direct actions UK-wide, in response to austerity cuts and the silence around the epidemic.


“The whole performance profoundly affected me; this event has deeply inspired me. This wasn’t a funeral or even a show, it was a celebration of life – exactly as it should be, while we’re alive and surrounded by those we love.” Lesley Rodgers


The Wee Review - Callum Madge speaks to the activist about his HIV themed cabaret, and why he's travelling the UK with a nine-foot penis.

In Place of War - I am a change-maker activist with the incredible ‘In Place of War’ network that is made up of over 100 change-makers from 26 countries across Africa, South America, The Middle East and Europe -  artists, activists, community leaders and cultural leaders, all working to create change lasting in their local communities through art and culture. Here are some of our projects together. 

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