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Pre-order Queer Footprints here out May 20th 2023 

"The strength and the beauty of this book is its resolute and joyful nod to queer history, the multiplicity of our stories and the ongoing, transformative process of our queer footprints which continue to add layers onto the city I was lucky enough to grow up in. London, through the eyes of Glass, is ever-changing but always radical."


Juno Roche









Buy United Queerdom from Gays the Word - click here / audiobook out Summer 2023

"United Queerdom is a thing of beauty. Dan Glass has penned a memoir that pulsates with existential rage, solidarity, and tactical hope." Amin Ghaziani, University of British Columbia

Bender Defenders jackets and t-shirts - BENDER DEFENDERS is a queer and trans martial arts training community empowerment movement. We confront rising hate crime by teaching martial arts to queer and trans people and running self defence classes for our community. Wear the jackets, take to the streets. Printing through ‘No Sweat(shop)’ clothing




Insta: @bender_defenders_

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