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Founding member, network developer and / or rabble rouser for the following movements

ACT UP LONDON - ‘AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power’ (ACT UP) is an international, grassroots political group working to end the AIDS pandemic.




Bender Defenders"As a trans person, Bender Defenders is the first place I've felt comfortable enough to be fully myself while exercising, which has kept me coming back all this year - it's a really important part of my week!"

Bender Defenders is a queer and trans community empowerment, Muay Thai and self-defence training movement. We confront rising hate crime by teaching martial arts to queer and trans people and running self defence classes for our community. Read all about it I.D. Magazine - Photographing Bender Defenders, a self-defence class for queer people


Queer Tours of London - A Mince Through Time (QTOL)


QTOL shines a light on London’s rich LGBTQ+ history through creative and life-affirming interactive tours. We tell the stories of London’s queer history, shedding light on the lives, spaces, identities, repression, and resistance that form the backdrop of LGBTQ+ lives today.

Contact: /


F*ck off This is my Culture - Annual queer protest and party in honour of the legendary George Michael / @ thisismycultureseven

‘Done with the sofa? Done with the hall? Done with societally enforced standards of sexuality which don’t conform with your reality? On 8th April 1998 in a Miami public toilet, so was George Michael. So bring your friends, learn the lyrics to ‘Outside’, wear whatever makes you feel fabulous and ‘Let’s Go Outside’. Rest In Power George Michael! See you in the bushes.’ ‘This Is my Culture’ party collective 



Queer Night Pride - ‘Night Pride Is Reclaiming the Streets For LGBTQ People’ Vice Magazine 




‘QUEER NIGHT PRIDE (Is a protest). Not a demand for equality. Not a demand for better policing. Not a demand for mere tolerance and acceptance. We are revolting, and we will have true liberation! We will hold hands, share affection, kiss our friends and lovers wherever we want. We won’t be confined to the safety of our homes, clubs and community spaces. We will express our gender identity in any way we damn please. We will not hide the many ways in which we express our sexuality/ies. We are unapologetic and unashamed. We are authentic and real. We are many and We will no longer be attacked. FIGHT BACK!’ Queer Night Pride collective organisers


International Solidarity - programmes for transformation include 

Washington Blade - What the international community can do to support LGBTQ Ugandans - Country’s homophobic laws a legacy of British colonialism

Attitude - This is what it’s like to be an LGBTQ activist in Russia right now which has led to a keynote speech at Oxford University - 50 Years of Pride: In Conversation with Dan Glass and Sergey Khazov-Cassia







The filming of Never Again Ever- Fighting the Polish Far-Right led to the creation of Make Poland Queer Again - A new coalition of leading UK feminist and LGBTQIA+ groups that formed a coalition in response to the Polish Government’s ‘Law and Justice’ Parties increasing sexism, anti-abortion policies and the new ‘LGBT+ Free Zones’. This resulted in the UK See ‘Standing Shoulder to Shoulder at the ‘Solidarity Is Our Weapon Tour.’ and a message from Mike Jackson, Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners (LGSM) Read more about it here Bialystok Pride: Polish LGBTQ people march defiantly in a city surrounded by ‘LGBT-free zones’



"Last week, I experienced a profound moment of radical joy. I was invited to speak at an event at The Glory in London hosted by Make Poland Queer Again. I had never been surrounded by so many queer and nonbinary Polish people. It was cathartic." A message from Marzena Zukowska – Polish Migrants Organise for Change

Friends of the Joiners Arms (FOTJA) - A Trojan Horse wrapped in a rainbow flag






FOTJA are an award-winning campaign group which came into existence in 2014 to fight against the closure of the Joiners Arms, a queer pub, on Hackney Road in East London. FOTJA has since transformed into an organisation passionate about protecting and creating queer spaces. We aim to open London’s first community-run LGBTQI+ space and want to help reverse the pattern of mass closures of queer venues.


QX Magazine - The activists breathing life into London’s queer scene and in Vice We Went to Last Night's Property Developer Awards, a Circle-Jerk for the Gentrification Sharks Ruining London


Gay Liberation Front - How Dare you Presume I'm Heterosexual





‘In our culture we invert the pink triangle to honour the memory of all those who died in the gas chambers of the Nazis and the Stalinists. We were part of the first openly public demonstration by homosexuals in this country and present on the first Gay Pride March... GLF stands for liberation: the choice is always there – liberation or slavery.’ A message from GLF activist Andrew Lumsden, author of Rainbow Planet, available from Gay’s the Word Bookshop


Vice - Gay Liberation Front Activists on the First UK Pride 

Pink News - UK’s first Pride march couldn’t be further from Pride in London, original marchers say

Queer Elders Are Going Into Care – And Back Into the Closet -  Activists who started Pride are fighting for a care system that honours queer people in later life.’ Sophie K Rosa

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