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On the Streets of Berlin with the Bad Jew













Our project is a tribute to those who stand against racism in all its forms and contribute to the movement for Palestinian liberation worldwide. We wanted to also support Jews who challenge the racist, anti-Semitic, and dangerous stereotype perpetuated by the German government through their unwavering support for Israel and shed light on this ongoing struggle.

Never Again Ever- Fighting the Polish Far-Right








Poland today is often associated with far-right nationalism, and since winning the election in 2015, the right-wing Law & Justice Party has targeted immigrants, women, the LGBT+ community and emboldened the far-right. But what about those who are fighting back?


Activist Dan Glass, whose Polish-Jewish grandmother witnessed the Warsaw ghetto go up in flames, went on a personal and political journey to meet the people resisting the resurgence of the Polish far-right.

Censoring Palestine - The Weaponisation of Anti-Semitism  





As the global far-right grows in size and influence, anti-Semitic attacks are on the rise and an ongoing concerted effort led by Israel’s government is working to frame Palestinian activist groups as the main culprit. Redfish explores how allegations of anti-Semitism levelled against critics of Israeli policies are being weaponised to suppress and censor the global movement in support of Palestinian rights.


Read my interview in Melodie and Rhythmus here. 


Since October 7th 2023 I have had sold-out screenings of my film 'Censoring Palestine - the Weaponisation of Anti-Semitism' at Queercircle (London), Galgael (Glasgow), People's Republic of Stokes Croft (Bristol), H48 Projekt Raum (Berlin), Charité Medical University (Berlin), Dyfi Valley Palestine Solidarity (Wales) and Edinburgh University (Scotland) - please get in touch if you would like a screening!

"Thanks a lot again for all the things you could teach us and for giving us the hope and motivation to be able to make this world a better one !" Trainee doctor at Charité Medical University (Berlin)


Please support my friends at The Freedom Theatre who have been illegally detained. Please support my patreon which will support the rest of the ‘Censoring Palestine’ film tour. All profits go to Keep active for Palestine - ACLAÍ Gym solidarity


Death by a Thousand Cuts: The Great NHS Sell-Off

- winner of the "Award of Excellence" at the DOCS Without Borders Film Festival

















Watch online here

The NHS is Britain’s most loved institution. But as government cuts bite, doctors and nurses are struggling to pick up the pieces. redfish teamed up with award winning activist Dan Glass in this grassroots report on the NHS crisis & the people fighting to save it.

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