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Dan Glass is an award-winning human rights activist, performer, educator, film presenter, investigative reporter, art-activist, speaker and mentor - book here! 

Dan is the network developer for ‘The Glass Is Half Full’ collective whose programmes outlined here take pleasure in overcoming injustice through performance, popular education and movement building. 

Support Dan's patreon here. 
From just £5 a month you are extending the hand of friendship and solidarity to the multiple communities Dan supports and organises with from London to Berlin to Palestine to Uganda, living under extremely difficult conditions. Please take the time to donate to so we can make continue making absolute freedom for all a reality.


 “A unique voice from the heart of several significant storms who’ll inspire your socks off. The exuberance Dan's passion for change is matched only by the depth of his rage and the warmth of his intellect."

Liz Snook, Plane Stupid 

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