The Glass Is Half Full activists and programmes are provocative and politically charged, we take pleasure in overcoming injustice(s) through performance, popular education and movement building. We have programmes and activists all over Europe and are fast becoming one of the most reliable action-orientated networks of performers, activists, pranksters, educators, singers, dancers and acrobats committed to upping the anti for social, environmental and racial justice.

About Dan

Dan Glass is the networker for The Glass Is Half Full. Dan is an award-winning activist, mentor, performer and writer, using music, performance and protest to catalyse love, soul, revolution and justice in communities confronting injustice. Dan is an educator from the Training for Transformation (TfT) methodologies that are born out of the Anti-Apartheid movement. To collaborate or request an information pack please email and to be added to the mailing list please sign up here!

Dan has been named one of Attitude Magazine’s campaigning role models for LGBT youth, GaydarRadio Heroes Awards for Gay Rights activism and a Guardian ‘UK youth climate leader’ for famously superglueing the Prime Minister. Dan was recently awarded the ‘activist of the year’ at the ‘Sexual Freedom Awards 2017’ for contributions to sex-positive, queer, healthcare and human rights movements for social justice.

In 2014 Dan re-formed ‘Aids Coalition to Unleash Power’ (ACT UP) London chapter which has catalysed healthcare and sex-positive programmes including campaigning for PREP, HIV Blind Date, protecting the National Health Service as well as enabling ‘HIV anti-stigma classes as part of the Beyond UKIP Cabaret in Nigel Farage’s boozer. In 2016 dan co-founded ‘Queer Tours of London – A Mince Through Time’ – against the backdrop of the mass closure of LGBTQI, women’s and sexually dissident cultural spaces and support services – this supports current sex-positive activism, culture and performance in all its glory. 2017 highlights include Rebel Dykes ‘Brixton Dykes on the Rampage’, the African Rainbow Family on LGBT+ Migrant rights; crawling up the House of Lords to commemorate radical sexual freedom history; agitating queer venues to become more accessible; successfully helping win back queer venues – see here for reviews.

A grandchild of four Nazi Holocaust survivors who moved to London’s East End post-war, dan harnesses his history to fight for justice for many campaigns today. Dan can be seen here on the BBC Daily Politics Show

Say what?


– GaydarRadio Heroes Awards for Gay Rights activism

– Attitude Magazine’s campaigning role models for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex (LGBTQI) youth

– Guardian ‘UK youth climate leader’

– Sheila McKechnie (SMK) Award Foundation Transport Campaign Award winner

Our Aim

Our aim is to build a world of peace, collaboration and justice. We do this through media, protest, performance-based rituals and education to celebrate the overcoming of challenges and humanities ability to turn prejudice into transformation and demons into shamans.

Our Strategy

Our strategy involves pushing boundaries and operating out of our normal comfort zones, which is the most infectious reason for our achievements. Across the UK, through radio shows, protests, performance, investigative journalism, television shows, slam poetry and trainings we bring our dreams to life.

Our Dreams

By it’s name, The Glass Half Full has a lot of hope that change is possible. But authentic hope requires clarity. This can be done through the ‘sharpening of the saw’, which involves deeply understanding intellectual arguments, emotional reactions and possible actions we can take to bring clarity for communities to create change.