Register interest for ‘The Museum of Youth Culture’ LGBT+ Pride special – deadline 10.07.20

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Whhhhhooooop whooooop! New exciting project alert!

Really excited to be working with ‘The Museum of Youth Culture‘* on their LGBTQIA+ archive for a special PRIDE exhibition (online in August / hopefully in person in Autumn).

Looking for 10 peoples youth stories from anywhere in the U.K. – 6 pre 1980’s and 4 post-1980’s of NEW UNTOLD QUEER LOVE / QUEER RAVES / QUEER SEX / QUEER GIGS / QUEER FASHION / QUEER HANGOUT SPOTS / QUEER HAIRSTYLES / QUEER LOSS / QUEER PROTEST!

This could be photos / love letters / tapes / posters / excited to hear other formats.

Is this you? Please contact me ASAP on with your name and a bit of info about yourself / what archive material you have by July 10th :)

Pass this on to all those you think will appreciate! Happy Pride! :)

* The Museum of Youth Culture is a new museum dedicated to the styles, sounds and social movements innovated by young people over the last 100 years. Working to open a physical space in London by 2023.

Screenshot 2020-06-26 at 13.50.35