Pls Share and RSVP – ‘Let Freedom Ring!’ In Celebration of Anne Hope – 25.4.16 – 6.30pm – 8pm – Central London

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Learn from some of UK’s leading revolutionary community educators

Explore the philosophies of ‘Training for Transformation’

Meet others to radically transform our world for the greater common good

Come and celebrate Anne Hope’s life

Monday 25th April 2016 – 6.30pm – 8pm – 22 Russell Square, Rom T102, SOAS University of London, WC1H OXG (nearest station – Russell Square). Donations Welcome. Wheelchair accessible. RSVP to –Facebook page click here

Anne Hope, along with Sally Timmel, founded the world-renowned Training for Transformation (TFT) community education programme. She recently passed away leaving a huge legacy of revolution, joy and transformation for communities across the world. See ‘A remarkable history of popular education: Learning through the story of two feminist activists from South Africa’

During Anti-Apartheid, Anne was asked by Steve Biko, founder of the Black Consciousness Movement, to work with their leadership for six months on participatory methods of Paulo Freire. Soon after the training most of the leadership was imprisoned and she was advised to go into exile to continue the work or face imprisonment. Later, Steve said that there were two people who shaped his life – a nun in 6th grade and Anne Hope.’ Tribute to Anne Hope – a woman of substance in anti-apartheid movement, Cape Times, 29th December 2015​

Training for Transformation (TfT) is ‘based on a philosophy of justice that seeks the common good.’ (Hope & Timmel, 2014) It is underpinned by the conviction that transformation is not only possible, but essential. Associated with the work of the Brazilian educator Paulo Freire and the writings of Frantz Fanon and Antonio Gramsci, TfT aims at conscientisation. Here, learning ‘to read the world’ and understand how personal troubles are connected to broader socio-political issues and people, is the beginning for action. Acting, together, to radically change conditions of oppression and exploitation, is the practice that TfT aims at.

All donations will go to the Anne Hope Legacy Fund – Sponsoring a woman for training in the Training for Transformation course. All details at

I have become increasingly convinced that development is essentially a spiritual process. It does not depend primarily on having huge funds thrown at its feet, but on vision, daring, courage and generosity.” Anne Hope, 2007 ‘Building a convivial society: Insights from Nyerere and Freire’ at the Julius Nyerere Annual Lecture on Lifelong Learning, 2007.

Guest Speakers –

Maria Lahumatina – Maria is an activist and educator from Papua New Guinea. Maria is an independent consultant with a passion for and focus on the liberation of the Papuan people from socioeconomic oppression and environmental injustice. After participating in the Training for Transformation diploma course in 2012-13 Maria has been facilitating community transformative learning and supporting emerging community leaders. Read more in ‘Training for Transformation in practise’ edited by Anne Hope and Sally Timmel and at‘Homestay Association’ Maria’s community based organisation in Raja ampat Establishing Indonesia Training for Transformation has been Maria’s long term focus shared and supported by friends and colleagues from Indonesia, UK, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Sukant Chandan – Sukant has been active in radical anti-imperialist and grassroots activism and study for over twenty years. He was a co-founder of the CheLeila Youth Brigades which sent dozens of delegations to Palestine, Vietnam, Venezuela, Ireland and other countries, and is more recently a coordinator at the Malcolm X Movement formed in 2015. He frequently appears on global south TV such as on Iranian, Chinese and Russian channels to advocate for the rights and liberation of colonised peoples.

Andrea Cornwall – Andrea Cornwall is Head of the School of Global Studies at the University of Sussex. A political anthropologist by training, she’s worked with participatory approaches to research and education for more than 20 years. She first came across Training for Transformation in Zimbabwe in the late 1980s where she used it to design and carry out a participatory research project that explored women’s indigenous reproductive knowledge and right to an informed choice of contraception. She’s drawn on Training for Transformation for inspiration many times since, in work ranging from community health mobilisation in London housing estates to press for accountability, to trainings on rights and power for NGOs and aid bureaucrats, international workshops with sexual rights activists and interactive lectures with Sussex undergraduate students.

Enda Byrne – ‘Training for Transformation’ can be described as a great river originating in a number of different springs. These sources were joined together initially in the Delta Training where Enda Byrne, a long-term community educator who, from 1973 to 1980 created programmes for 3 million people with leadership skills and brought new life to different fields: including Health, Agriculture, Literacy, Women‟s and Youth groups. Training programs were also held in Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria, Southern Africa, and India during those years. Enda has catalysed many community empowerment programmes since then including ‘DELTA for the Balkans’ inter-ethnic reconciliation & peace-building programme in partnership with (IRC) Interreligious Council of Bosnia- Herzegovina and with Orthodox, Catholic and Muslim local faith leaders; also ‘Women Together for Peace’ in Srebrenica & Bratunac Municipalities

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