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“Memorialisation without action is part of the problem! – We say “Never Again Ever!”

‘Never Again Ever!’ exists to pass on the legacy of survivors to activists today. Throughout 2015, we will call upon artists, activists, performers, storytellers and more to get involved in a year-long programme of performances, trainings, and political actions. These events will culminate in a Holocaust Survivors Cabaret aimed at constructively building a future where far right politics are no longer possible.

So far we have organised the Launch event here and behind the scenes video here, the disability rights demonstration on Holocaust Memorial Day and the ‘Homocaust’ cabaret at the legendary Royal Vauxhall Tavern in late February to mark the anniversary of when the Nazi Party launched its purge of homosexual (gay, lesbian, and bisexual; then known as “homophile”) clubs in Berlin, outlawed sex publications, and banned gay groups – and to celebrate LGBTQI activism today. This led on to the the widely-publicised ‘Beyond UKIP Cabaret’ to challenge the rise of the far-right in Britain today – read more here Farage fracas: my day with the anti-Ukip cabaret he called ‘scum’.

​Who we are – ‘Never Again – Ever!’ is one of two central programmes within ‘The Glass Is Half Full’ organisation. Founded in 2012. The Glass Is Half Full purpose is to build a world of peace, collaboration and justice through media, protest, performance-based rituals and education. The Glass Is Half Full is a not-for-profit unincorporated association.

The ‘Never Again Ever!’ team have been working very hard but never expected there to be such a huge response from both a wide range of communities whom we support, allied organisations aswell as the press. We now need £5,000 to help carry out the events for the coming year.

Please donate generously – simply email with your donation details and we shall send you the bank details.

Never Again Ever!’ exists to bring communities together to pass on the legacy of survivors to activists today. This will be achieved through performances, trainings, and political actions which will culminate in a co-produced Holocaust Survivors Cabaret aimed at constructively building a future where far right politics are no longer possible.

2015 marks the 70th Anniversary of the Nazi camps liberation, and much of the discourse has focused on the holocaust as a purely historical event, one so huge and inexplicable that it overshadows all subsequent injustices. We want to open a new discussion. Throughout 2015 we will facilitate a series of creative activism trainings to empower people to take action, and equip them with all the logistical skills required to think and act critically The aim is to facilitate the participants to challenge prejudice and racism in their lifetimes and in particular confront our government’s existing social welfare, immigration and weapons policy that is in contradiction to the United Nations Universal Declaration on Human Rights created in response to the Nazi Holocaust. Topics in the curriculum will include – press training, building a campaign, popular education, legal rights, ‘how to’ organise an effective protest, strategic nonviolence, political theatre and much more.

We are building a team of holocaust survivors, their descendants and allies – to train and inspire the new generation with stories of resistance and survival – working alongside people to create a video series on how their experience has influenced their social justice activism. The culmination of this programme will be the Holocaust Survivors Cabaret bringing together groups who suffer and have suffered oppression, using diverse performance media to explore how people transform the experience of oppression into social justice activism and advocacy. This will include a ‘handing over’ ceremony from holocaust survivors to the rest of the participants and audience; a powerful and symbolic passing on of the memories and the commitment to social justice that they inspire. This will cement the connections made between groups over the year to encourage and motivate ongoing collaboration and activism. We believe memorialisation without action is part of the problem. We also include all grandchildren at the bottom of the ‘Holocaust hierarchy’ i.e. African, Gypsy and LGBTQI and disability rights communities – people whose experience is often excluded. We are committed to ensuring that we reach those who are often excluded and marginalised including migrants, those with ill health, the elderly, children and others.

Testimonials from our recent events

“Had fab time at The Homocaust – 70th anniversary ‘Never Again Ever!’ launch of cabaret. Great, awe inspiring speakers and wonderful queer cabaret! I got to sit next to Peter Tatchell (I refrained from gushing) and… I met David Lewis; one of the original (and continuing) members of #LGSM!! (Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners; the inspiration for the film #Pride) Thought provoking and inspiring afternoon!” Leon Fleming

“The purple sparkling table cloths and twinkling lights were immediately welcoming and the confetti guns was a brilliant idea – symbolising the turning of destructive weapons into something joyful and celebratory.” Ruth Barnett

Well done all you organisers for a fabulous stylish and beautifully organised event that did what it set out to do. Inform inspire and mobilise. Xx” Sarah Jewell

“Brilliant event, Many thanks to all who produced it” Sandy Marks

Just to say what a success i thought it was! Well done!” Merilyn Moos

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