So many many people have been involved in the creation of Shafted?! at the Arches Live Festival this coming Saturday September 28th! (Book your tickets quick!) and so many more in the campaign at large. Here are just a few of them involved in the Arches show specifically to say thanks from everyone fighting against the HIV epidemic. And a massive thank you to everyone involved in the campaign! Please contact to get involved. All information here 

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Shafted?! is all at once an audacious HIV cabaret show, a new and emerging collective of activists, performers, theatre professionals and political campaigners, and a UK wide grass-roots movement gathering pace in its fight back against UK government austerity cuts to HIV services which the Health Protection Agency are calling an ‘epidemic’ in London alone. The Shafted?! movement is a direct response to the Second Silence” i.e. the contemporary public fear and denial of the HIV epidemic in the UK. Current austerity cuts to services along with severe lack of public education and awareness mean transmission rates are rising, isolation and fears are deepening, and the troublesome societal taboo is growing. Shafted?! is a collective movement which aims to educate, raise awareness and mobilize individuals and communities to create a badly needed public response.

On behalf of ACT UP New York’s alumni, we’re thrilled to see the UK acting-up again. Shafted?! reminds us of our gloriously ribald and creative roots, so keep up the fight, comrades. Until there’s a cure, ACT UP!” Peter Staley, legendary AIDS and gay rights activist.

Tilly Gifford- Artistic producer

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Tilly is a sculptor and ceramicist graduate from the Glasgow School of Art who explores ways of harnessing artistic talent to create spectacular Direct Actions. She has since worked on building high-profile strategies of protest, with activities ranging from challenging unsustainable industries to publicly exposing the UK secret police. Artistic Producer and Performer. Tilly is a sculptor and ceramicist graduate from the Glasgow School of Art who explores ways of harnessing artistic talent to create spectacular Direct Actions. She has since worked on building high-profile media attention grabbing strategies of protest. Alongside Dan, she has achieved a degree of notoriety. She is currently working alongside farmers in rural India, sharing skills and generating new forms of creative activism. To find more info about Tilly’s artistic actions, visit

Shir Freibach – Director

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Shir Freibach is a London based theatre director and dramaturg. She has worked on a variety of productions and creative projects in Europe and the Middle East, collaborating with theatre professionals as well as with poets, contemporary dance choreographers, activists and visual artists. Shir was co-founder of UK national HIV/Aids magazine Positive Nation, where she worked as writer, producer and designer from 1995-1999. She was a member of ACT-UP London in the early nineties and created publications and direct actions for the NGO, Israel Aids Task Force. (

Clare Roderick – Movement director and performer

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Clare is a dancer and professional striptease artist. She graduated from the Glasgow School of Art after specialising in Live Art and performance, and has collaborated with various artists, theatre projects, musicians, including Liz Ranken of the Royal Shakespeare Co. to produce many unique one-off events and art happenings in Glasgow and London. Her disciplines include pole-dancing, writing, life modeling, environmental art and physical theatre.

Cristina Moreno – Press and Communications Coordinator

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Cristina is a fourth-year student of Infectious Diseases at The University of Edinburgh and a former member of Student StopAIDS Campaign as the Media and PR officer in Edinburgh. Her interests in global health and current social issues in health care are widening her ambitions today to further continue her career in health education.

Mark Hesling – Music

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Mark Hesling is gardener who has studied and worked in Glasgow for the last ten years. He currently works in various gardens delivering developmental and peer education programmes with adults with learning difficulties and children in the South and East of Glasgow. He has played the piano in his spare time for the last 20 years or so and is sometimes asked to perform at events organised by his arty friends, which is nice.

James Leadbitter – Artistic Consultant

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“the vacuum cleaner is one of the most significant and exciting artists working in the UK today. Blurring the boundaries between art and audiences and between performance and politics, the vacuum cleaner’s work not only gets people thinking about things, but actually doing things to effect social, cultural and political change.” Lois Keiden, Director, Live Art Development Agency Statement.

The vacuum cleaner is an art and activism collective of one. He employs various creative legal and illegal tactics to mock, brandalise and disrupt concentrations of power. Through site-specific performance, street-based intervention and film, the vacuum cleaner empowers his audience to address socio-political issues including consumerism and mental health discrimination. From one-man shows to large-scale participatory actions, his approach is variously subtle and extreme, but always candid, provocative and playful.


Dan Glass – Creator and lead performer

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A Guardian ‘UK youth climate leader’ and one of Attitude Magazine’s campaigning role models, over the years dan has got himself into all kinds of no good situations for the greater common good. Whether it’s organising political trials defying police repression, founding organisations confronting racism, poverty and climate change, dropping banners on top of Parliament and even supergluing himself to the Prime Minister in the process, he continues to cause trouble in all the right places. Through boldness, fearlessness, possibility stupidity and a dose of cheekiness you will find him dancing with old ladies under flight path expansions, creating films with young people who want to riot against the government, being cheeky to the CIA when trying to break into America, being exposed as an escort by Sunday Mail journalists or exposing police infiltration through DIY James-Bond wannabe equipment sown into my jacket or even as much as superglueing himself to Gordon Brown in 10 Downing Street. Recently Dan has been in South Africa as a student on from Training for Transformation and is now organising ‘Let Freedom Ring!’, an activist and performance training programme born out of the UK’s recent insurgencies as well as developing a performance poetry collective to build for a programme for Nazi Holocaust descendants called ‘Dear Ex-Nazi’s’ on the 70th anniversary of the official end of the Nazi Holocaust for 2015. Dan’s work has been featured in a variety of publications on issues of social and environmental importance – from ‘The Jewish Chronicle’ to The Guardian, The Times, Sunday Herald to others such as ‘Attitude’, BBC Scotland, National Union of Students and CNN.

A unique voice from the heart of several significant storms who’ll inspire your socks off. The exuberance Dan’s passion for change is matched only by the depth of his rage and the warmth of his intellect.” Liz Snook, Plane Stupid