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Dear fam,

The Afrikan HipHop Caravan Financial Appeal

Since meeting with cultural activists in Cape Town last year I have become involved in supporting an amazing African movement-building project initiated and led by eight Hiphop collectives and am asking you to join me in helping them get to the World Social Forum in Tunis, Tunisia this March. The project – The African Hip Hop Caravan – harnesses the power of Hiphop culture to support communities to address social problems and link social movements across the African continent to create social change.

This month the Caravan will host events in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Harare and Nairobi! [For the full schedule click here:]. Their vision is to bring three members of the Caravan to Tunis to perform and connect with social justice activists who will gather there from around the world but they need our support to make this a reality. The goal is to raise £2,300 to bring 3 people to the Forum. If everyone on this list gave £30 we could make this a reality. All support is really appreciated. Please see the two blogs ‘Financial Appeal – Afrikan HipHop Caravan’ and the Summary of the Caravan Principles – Her Infinite Power of Helping Oppressed People’ for more information.


Our goal is to strengthen the African Underground Hiphop movement by empowering local collectives that uphold Hiphop’s true vision: “Her Infinite Power Of Helping Oppressed People” – Afrikan HipHop Caravan

UK GIG IN SUPPORT OF THE CARAVAN AND ‘LET FREEDOM RING!’ – As part of the build up to the ‘Let Freedom Ring!’ Summer School 2013 – introduction to ‘Training for Transformation’ in Spring 2013 poets, lyricists and performers to share their passions for justice together with communities and people on the front-lines of injustice will witness a very special performance and fundraiser for the Afrikan HipHop Caravan. This is for everyone looking for ways and means to strengthen their struggle for social, environmental and racial justice. We will showcase some of the UK’s most powerful performers which will really bring together a whole new generation of people, musicians, activists and rappers. We are organising the event in partnership with the African Kultural HipHop Caravan to strengthen our international struggle for justice and to highlight how we can build movements on our doorsteps and simultaneously across the world.

THIS IS IN SPRING 2013 – Pls contact to come.

The eight collectives – Soundz of the South (South Africa), Imbawula Trust (South Africa), Uhuru Network (Zimbabwe), Pungwe Entertainment (Zimbabwe), Pamberi Trust (Zimbabwe), Ukooflani Mau Mau (Kenya), Sankara Studios (Senegal) and Disobedience (Tunisia) – utilize Hiphop to produce music, popular education and artistry to organize about issues of oppression and democracy, racism, gender inequalities, and cultural development. Seeing what is possible when Hiphop is used to inspire and engage young people and challenge the status-quo of corrupt politics as usual they have launched this movement-building initative. For instance, the underground Hiphop scene in Senegal became recognized as the official opposition after these collectives lead demonstrations and riots in 2010, 2011 and 2012 which ultimately helped to remove the French pupet government of Abdoulaye Wade. I am working with these artists and organizers because they have truly inspired and impressed me. As activists in Europe we often take for granted the ease with which we can come together – the budget airlines, rail and proximity of our cities allows for this – in Africa the situation for activists could not be more opposite from ours. Please join me in digging a little deeper to help them grow their movement.

Donate directly to:

Soundz of the South through paypal CLICK HERE:


Account Holder: Soundz of the South

Bank: FNB

Account number:622 806 392 49

Branch Code: 201409

Swift code: FIRNZAJJ

For more info contact Anele Selekwa from Soundz of the South:

Endorsers of the Caravan Include: Dead Prez (U.S.), The Coup (U.S.), Zion I (U.S.), Jeff Chang (U.S.), Mumi Abu-Jamal (U.S.), Global Fam (U.S.), Hip Hop Congress (U.S.), The Obo Addy Legacy Project (U.S.), Veterans For Peace (U.S.), Education WithOut Borders (U.S.), The University of Zimbabwe (Zimbabwe), Right to Know Campaign (South Africa), Children of South Africa (South Africa), International Labour Research and Information Group (South Africa), Disobedience (Tunisia), Sankara Studios (Senegal), Africultureban (Senegal), Ukooflani (Kenya), Mau Mau (Kenya).

In solidarity,

Dan Glass