For Immediate Release – Launch of UK- Polish Coalition at ‘You are entering a Fascist Free-Zone’

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Screenshot 2019-09-07 at 15.30.40

For Immediate Release – Launch of UK- Polish Coalition at ‘You are entering a Fascist Free-Zone’ 

(Polska wersja poniżej🇵🇱/Polish version below)

A new coalition of leading UK feminist and LGBTQIA+ groups have formed a coalition in response to the Polish Government’s ‘Law and Justice’ Parties increasing sexism, anti-abortion policies and the new ‘LGBT+ Free Zones’. Poland today is often associated with far-right nationalism, and since winning the election in 2015, the right-wing Law & Justice Party has targeted immigrants, women, the LGBT+ community and emboldened the far-right. But what about those who are fighting back?

This Wednesday 11th September’s event at 7pm ‘You are entering a fascist free zone’ is a platform is to build effective solidarity against the rise of Polish fascism and homophobia. It will include the UK Film premiere of ‘Never Again – Fighting the Polish Far Right; documentary and the re-launch of the Polish London LGBT+ Network Polish Rainbow in UK as well as a Q+A with FARSA, All Out, reproductive rights activist Lisa hallgarten, Dziewuchy London plus performances from drag legend ‘Polka Dot’.

The panel includes Polish queer activist Jaroslaw Ploszajski Kubiak, Aga Gagol and Magda Oljejor from FARSA – Feminist Artivists Society in Action – a Polish feminist group in London focused on exposing the absurdity of Polish reality and Krzysia Balinska and Magda Fabianczyk from Dziewuchy London. Dziewuchy London is a group of London based Polish activists that formed in April 2016 in response to the Polish government’s plans to introduce a complete ban on abortion in Poland. The night will begin with the premiere UK screening of the Redfish documentary Never Again – Fighting the Polish Far Right. Watch the trailer here . In collaboration with the amazing ‘All Out’ campaign – ‘We are under attack in Poland.’ “Activist Jaroslaw Kubiak will host the Q+A. Jaroslaw has been an activist for over 15 years involved in LGBTQ+ rights movement and supporting women’s rights, first in his hometown of Lodz (Poland), then as co-founding member of Polish Rainbow in UK where he’s been connecting, mobilising and empowering Polish LGBTQ+ migrants. Now, using the connections and relationships built over the years, helping to launch and develop an intersectional network of support for LGBTQ+ communities here in London and back in his home country.”

Aga Gagol and Magda Oljejor from FARSA – Feminist Artivists Society in Action – Polish feminist group in London, focused on exposing the absurdity of Polish reality – said 

“FARSA has been in operation for about 3 years now, and during this time, we have been attacked by alt-right groups and misogynists alike. We believe that the two forces are closely linked, and often turn out to be one and the same. What’s kept us going through all this is our growing solidarity network with other progressive, lefty, feminist and pro-democracy groups and other activists. We are very concerned and shocked by the recent vicious attacks on the LGBT+ community in Poland, but also very heartened by the growing strength of the activists within the community, and our growing solidarity network, made richer by the new addition of Polish Rainbow UK. We believe that with solidarity we can be stronger and win against both sexist and neo-fascist forces.”

Matt Beard, Executive Director at All Out – the global movement for Love and Equality – said “Polish LGBT+ people are under attack. We’ve seen a terrifying escalation of attacks on LGBT+ people and right-wing politicians and representatives of the Catholic church have been using the issue for their own political agenda. Their divisive words are being followed up by hateful actions, as we’ve seen during the attacks on the pride march in Białystok. Poland relies heavily on funding and investment from the European Union, so we decided to partner with our Polish friends at KPH and Lambda Warsaw to target the European Commission and ask them to condemn the attacks and urge the Polish government to protect the LGBT+ community. The campaign is here.”

Drag artist and LGBT activist Polka Dot (Robert Kocur) said “It is extremely sad that homophobia and LGBT+phobia in Poland increased to the level I haven’t experienced 6 years ago while still living there. I thought it was bad back then but PiS (the ruling party) proved me wrong. As a drag artist, it is vital for me to have the freedom of self expression which is threatened by recent events in Poland. Now I feel even more than ever the need to be present and authentic to who I am in order to show solidarity with Polish LGBT+ community and show that we do not agree for such violation of our rights.”

Dan glass, presenter of ‘Never Again – Fighting the Polish Far Right’ said “All four of my grandparents were Nazi Holocaust survivors. The influence their stories had on me was my reason for presenting ‘Never Again – Fighting the Polish Far Right.’ Women and the LGBTQIA+ community have always been at the forefront of fighting fascism and ‘You are entering a Fascist Free-Zone’  will only strengthen us for the struggle ahead. . I know all too well how the LGBT+ communities have suffered but also resisted fascism throughout history. I’m so looking forward to be with our glorious LGBT+ communities in London, send love and solidarity to our Polish queer family and in my own way – get justice for others that my grandparents never had. Never Again Ever!’”

About the film 

Activist Dan Glass, whose Polish-Jewish grandmother witnessed the Warsaw ghetto go up in flames, went on a personal and political journey to meet the people resisting the resurgence of the Polish far-right.

Notes to Editors 

Ticket link here – Suggested donation £5. Pay at the door. All profits go to the Pride Fund for the Campaign Against Homophobia

Accessibility info – Some access for wheelchair users. No services or facilities for sensory impaired people. Full details here

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Notes to Editors 

This Wednesday 11th September’s event at 7pm ‘You are entering a fascist free zone’Colonnade, Bloomsbury, London WC1N 1JD



Premiera filmu „Nigdy więcej – Walka z Polską skrajną prawicą” oraz wznowienie Polskiej grupy LGBT+ Polish Rainbow in UK (Polska Tęcza w UK), ogniste dyskusje i występ drag artysty Polka Dot.

Noc świętująca polski queer, feministyczny i antyfaszystowski opór. Sugerowana darowizna £5, możliwość darowizny na drzwiach lub online.

Dołącz do pionierów Polskiego aktywizmu, performerów i Londyńskich zwolenników praw aborcyjnych i walczących ruchów queer.

Dołącz do legendarnego polskiego queerowego aktywisty Jaroslaw Ploszajski Kubiak, fenomenalnego drag artysty i działacza LGBT – Polka Dot (Robert Kocur) oraz pionierki praw i zdrowia seksualnego oraz dydaktyka Lisy Hallgarten i innych pionierów (wkrótce ogłoszonych) na noc filmu, występu drag i dyskusji na temat budowania skutecznej solidarności przeciwko wzrostowi Polskiego faszyzmu i homofobii. Wieczór rozpocznie się od premierowego pokazu w Wielkiej Brytanii filmu dokumentalnego Redfish „Nigdy więcej – Walka z Polską skrajną prawicą” obejrzyj zwiastun tutaj

O filmie

Polska jest dziś często kojarzona ze skrajnie prawicowym nacjonalizmem, a od zwycięstwa w wyborach w 2015r prawicowa partia Prawa i Sprawiedliwości (PiS) atakuje imigrantów, kobiety, społeczność LGBT+ i zezwala na rozrost skrajnej prawicy. Ale co z tymi, którzy walczą?

Działacz Dan Glass, którego Polsko-Żydowska babcia była świadkiem wybuchu powstania w Warszawskim getcie, wyruszył na osobistą i polityczną podróż, aby spotkać się z ludźmi przeciwnymi odrodzeniu skrajnej Polskiej prawicy


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