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This Tuesday 19th April 2016 housing campaigners from across London will stage mass protests and actions at the Property Awards, the annual industry award ceremony for the developers.

Photo Opportunity: Protestors will assemble from 6pm

Campaigners from across London, alongside a number of different housing campaigns – including Kill the Housing Bill, Radical Housing Network, and Focus E15 – will descend on the Grovesnor House Hotel, on Park Lane, London, to stage a series of protests and actions during the event.

A spokesperson for the protestors said: “London is in the midst of an acute housing crisis, in which ordinary people are finding it harder and harder to afford and keep a home. At the same time the big housing developers are reporting record profits, profiting from Londoners misery. 

We are opposing the Property Awards tonight to say: ‘enough is enough’. The  business model of the big developers is directly responsible for the appalling housing crisis in London, and yet here they are here, on Park Lane celebrating sky high profits. These corrupt, morally bankrupt institutions need to be shown the door – London needs affordable, secure housing, not more luxury flats built by Berkeley, Barratt, and the like.”

The ceremony’s website says: “The Awards will celebrate and reward excellence in 19 categories to the individuals and companies who have significantly impacted the property market. The Property Awards are the UK’s leading and most prestigious annual Awards dedicated to the property industry.”

The protest will be attended by a number of estate regeneration campaigns, in light of recent revelations over developers highly lucrative role in regeneration. Leading property firms are directly influencing and profiting from regeneration policy. Savill’s, a leading property firm, submitted reports on the subject to the cabinet office, and are advising Lambeth and Southwark on regeneration strategy, picking up lucrative contracts from the Boroughs in the process. The protests also comes at a time when the Housing and Planning Bill has been the subject of extensive protests over the last months, and is facing a rocky ride through the Lords.

A spokesperson for the protestors said: “Developers are in corrupt collusion with government and councils: their dirty mitts are on everything from local regeneration schemes to the Housing Bill. They are here tonight to congratulate each other for the profits they make from pricing people out of their communities, evictions and homelessness – and we’re here to crash the party.”

Notes to Editors

  • Location: Grosvenor House, A JW Marriott Hotel, 86 Park Lane, W1K7TN London, United Kingdom
  • Event website:
  • The event is being attended by all the major players in the development industry
  • The protests will start at 6pm and take place for the duration of the ceremony and beyond.
  • The facebook event for the protest has around 500 people attending or interested:  
  • Last Year – ‘We Went to Last Night’s Property Developer Awards, a Circle-Jerk for the Gentrification Sharks Ruining London’, By JS Rafaeli



Joe Beswick