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EMAIL: alright@theglassishalffull.co.uk TEL: 0044 (0) 7717811747 D.O.B. 07/10/83

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WEBSITE: www.theglassishalffull.co.uk – The site provides political analysis, a melting pot of campaign resources and a range of deep methods of transformation & empowerment for positive social change. The site includes trainings, writings, artworks, organising resources and a comprehensive guide to movements for social and environmental justice.

PERSONAL PROFILE – Dan is a specialist trainer, performer, consultant, presenter, writer, Master of Ceremonies (MC) and public speaker on campaigning, activism and creative social change. Skilled on key areas of effective campaigning: from strategy, tactics, and targets to evaluating successful campaigns. Dan is a graduate and educator from the Training for Transformation (TfT) methodologies that are born out of the Anti-Apartheid movement. The core of this work is the development of critical consciousness and creativity to spur people ‘to read their reality and write their own history”. This serves to motivate action that transforms live’s impacted by oppression back into one of pride, dignity and self-determination. In the spirit of our elders in the anti-Apartheid struggle, dan’s activism is inspired by the philosophy ‘the biggest weapon in the hands of the oppressor is our minds’ .


2012 – 2013 Diploma Training for Transformation Leadership Programme, Cape Town, South Africa – Equipped with the skills to (1) Enable a new level of leadership in the development education field that is grounded in good theory and practice (2) Build skills, insights and abilities of teams, form NGOs and community organizations to empower local self-reliant community development efforts and link these efforts within wider national and global civil society movements with a particular concern for addressing the circumstances of the marginalized communities.

2007-2009 Msc, Centre for Human Ecology, University of Strathclyde, UK – Graduate and Trainer – Human ecology is an interdisciplinary field that explores the individual, collective and transpersonal aspects of the human condition assuming that living sustainably within the ecologies of the Earth’s is a necessary condition of global survival and of human flourishing.

2003-2006 Sussex University UK BA Hons Geography and Development Studies 2:1

2000- 2003 The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, London, UK – Public speaking level Grade 8 hons and trained in acting, singing and street theatre combined with training at The National Youth Theatre, London, UK


(2012) GaydarRadio Heroes Awards for Gay Rights activism

(2010) Attitude Magazine’s campaigning role models for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex (LGBTQI) youth

(2009) Guardian ‘UK youth climate leader’

(2008) Sheila McKechnie (SMK) Award Foundation Transport Campaign Award winner

(2005) Sussex University Students’ Union Environmental Society and Social Action Federation Facilitator (2005) ‘Outstanding Contribution’

(2004) ‘Best Society’ Co-ordinator and public speaker for all social, political and environmental societies at the University


(2014) Oxford University Queer Week ”The Second Silence’ Why HIV activism is important’

(2014) Headline Speaker at Limmud Festival UK ‘Judaism and activism’ + ‘From Auschwitz to Activism,

Grandchildren of the Nazi Holocaust Speak Out’

(2014) ‘Take one Action’ Film Festival Presenter

(2014) ‘The Art of Activism’ Politika, Manchester

(2014) ‘People Power – Connecting, Informing and Supporting Campaigners’ , London (2013) ‘Stop AIDS Speaker Tour’ – House of Commons, Westminster, London

(2013) ‘How to Survive A Plague’ HIV activism past, present and future’ – London School of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, London

(2013) ‘People Power, activism and the imagination’ Headline at Shoko Festival, Harare Zimbabwe (2012) ‘The academic and activist worlds – how best to take action for climate justice?’ Glasgow University

(2013) ‘Speaking your Truth to Power’ campaign training – Liverpool Regional Asylum Activism

(2012) ‘Germany in Revolt against Airport Expansion’ Munich Town Hall and Frankfurt Airport

(2011) ‘Direct Action and New Tactics for Environmental and Social Justice’ Harvard University

(2011) ‘Aviation Justice, the Climate Crisis and the Suppression of Dissent’ San Jose State University, Department of Performance Studies, New York University and Spartacus Bookshop, Vancouver.

(2011) ‘Action research; engaged research practices which encourage life-enhancing, public-interest research to serve community, ecological and social justice’ Edinburgh University

(2010) ‘Strategies of Protest’ George Padmore Institute, London

(2009) ‘Space, Resistance and Power’ and ‘DIY Culture: Direct action and counter-culture’ Strathclyde University

(2007) ‘Climate Change and Anti-Whaling’ Melbourne University, Australia


Appearances on ‘At Home with Vic and Bob’, ‘Royle Family’, ‘River City’, ‘The Royal Variety Show’


Dan is a published author journalist, guest writer and presenter with a wide range of publications who follow his work – examples include

(2014) Contributing Author – War Resisters International – ‘Handbook for Non-Violent Campaigns’ (2nd Edition)

(2014) Souciant – ‘Gaza and the Holocaust Mentality’

(2014) The Huffington Post – ‘From Auschwitz to Activism — 70 Years on From the Holocaust’

(2014) Inspired Times – Inspiring Individuals – ‘Standing up against injustice, Dan’s talent lies not only in the way he highlights the cause but also in his ability to empower others.’

(2013) Positively UK – ‘Now, more than ever, we need HIV activism.’

(2013) Mother London – Featured in ‘The Activist Issue’

(2013) Kubatana (Zimbabwe) – ‘Create Inspire Change with UK youth justice activist Dan Glass’

(2012) War Without Bullets’ Cathy McCormack radio show – Interview with Dan Glass ‘Poverty, Inequality and Direct Action 

(2011) – The Jewish Chronicle – ”Culturally acceptable racism’ at Dale Farm’

(2011) – Democracy Now and Mother Jones – ‘Why This Prominent UK Enviro Caused a National Security Freakout – And why the feds were so interested in super glue.’

(2010) – Guardian – ‘Meet the youth climate leaders – Here are some of the young activists at work in the UK fighting to stop the injustice of climate change

(2010) Attitude – ‘Air Travel was so last year’ – Interview with our green gay winner

(2009) Guardian – ‘Police caught on tape trying to recruit Plane Stupid protester as spy’

(2009) The Sunday Herald –

(2009) BBC Scotland – Sally on Sunday Interview –‘Aviation is the new Holocaust’

(2009) BBC World News – ‘Climate activism: is the trial more important than the protest?’

(2009) ‘The climate comedown – Reporting from Copenhagen Climate Summit’

(2008) The Ecologist ‘Climate Camp Scotland: why we are protesting’


(2014 – 2015) ‘Never Again Ever!’ Producer, spokesperson and MC – is a coalition-led campaign and world-wide performance led by grandchildren of the Nazi Holocaust in connection with remaining first-hand survivors. The aim is to reflect and act upon confronting genocide and illegal warfare from happening to anyone ever again in the run-up to the 70 the anniversary of the end of the War. The campaign and educational programme will raise dialogue, understanding, and drive a movement to confront structures in society that are still vulnerable to fascist mentalities.

(2014 – 2015) Training for Transformation Palestine (TFT Palestine) Coordinator and facilitator – TFT Palestine brings together activists and organizers from across Africa with their counterparts in Palestine to equip them with the tools to engage critically with popular education as activists to transform society. The programme ignites leadership conversations to share visions and ensure action which has a deep and long term commitment to social justice, with a strong sense of responsibility and accountability to the communities whom they serve.

(2012 – 2015) HIV Justice Strategic campaign director of ‘Shafted?!’ – Headlined 2013 Arches Live Festival and (2014) Pride Scotland – ‘Shafted?!’ ! is an audacious, daring and unashamedly deviant HIV cabaret show, exploring and exposing the realities of HIV in today’s society. The show combines dance, performance, live music, stunts and spoken word to tell true life stories of people living with and affected by the virus. The show is part of a wider body of activism combining workshops, mentoring schemes and direct actions UK-wide, in response to austerity cuts and the ‘Second Silence’ around the HIV epidemic.

(2014) Hwupenyu Health and Wellbeing Project Trustee – Advisor and Consultant – HWUPENYU African Health and Wellbeing is a service user community based project and caters for African/Caribbean and other Black Minority Ethnic people living in Scotland infected and affected by HIV/AIDS, Bloodborne Viruses, and other related health conditions. It will allow Black Minority Ethnic people living with HIV in Scotland to have a space where they can be themselves and have a voice about their health and lives.

(2014) ‘Sussex Activism Inspires’, Sussex University, Producer, facilitator and MC – The Sussex Activism School combined analysis of contemporary global challenges with workshops on tools, skills and approaches with which to bring about change – through engaged research, organising, campaigning or protest to foster inter-generational exchange, reflection and action, focused on activism and social change.

(2014) For Russia With Love Carnival Producer and MC – The Valentines Day Carnival outside the Russian Embassy in Berlin was in response to the continued human rights abuses sanctioned by Russia’s new anti-gay law banning “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations to minors” , which has caused an upsurge in anti-gay violence in the country.

(2014) Apple and Snakes Poet and Facilitator – Workshop series to provide London youth with a renewed sense of response-ability. Critical tools for unpacking the media’s representation of event and awareness of how poetry can be used as a force for social justice.

(2012- 2014) ‘Let Freedom Ring!’ Co-Founder, co-coordinator and networker – Organiser of a UK tour in celebration and Tribute to Nelson Mandela and activists who have both inspired and worked with the oppressed across the UK to ‘overcome’ injustice. This involved the principles of deepening inquiry, an embodiment of collaborative understanding and action learning and praxis.

(2012) – So We Stand Activism Summer School – Introduction to community organising and social change Founder and Coordinator – Through bringing leading community organising movements together the School is dedicated to depending political education, skills training and generating community organising internships for young women, young people of colour, working class, and queer people as the next generation of leaders in the social justice movement. Nourished with political education resources, the organisers and participants were connected with internships with leading UK grassroots communities and movements paving the way for environmental justice and a culture of community defence.

(2012) Edge Fund Community Outreach Worker – Edge Fund is a radical funding and grassroots philanthropy – creative consultant to progressive funders to create empowerment strategies supporting grassroots projects and activists for environmental and social justice. This included networking with groups across the UK, traveling to meet groups and distribute leaflets and posters, organising events, getting materials designed and printed where needed and finding people who may be able to act as regional contacts.

(2012) Jewish environmental, social and youth justice activism public speaker, trainer and network developer – Developer of campaigns and educational resources for the Jewish community – including climate change, anti- poverty and racism. Including the organisation of a Jewish solidarity delegation to the Dale Farm traveller community in Essex, discussing the parallels in our histories in the fight for social justice.

(2011) Black Gold Injustice Event Series Co-coordinator – ‘ A Permanent Condition? *Race * Poverty * Environment Justice * Action*’ was a Scottish – wide tour exploring climate change connections between Scotland and Africa and the Caribbean. The campaign built a coalition of communities, grassroots projects and activists exploring anti-racist struggle, social justice and environmental injustices. The network created tools and anti-oppressive perspectives for developing multiracial strategies for action for communities on the front-lines of poverty, environmental injustice, exploitation and racism.

(2011) Aviation Justice Express keynote speaker and North American tour organiser – The tour established the first transatlantic network taking on the aviation industry’s climate, noise and civil rights impacts. The tour shared the story of success against Heathrow airport 3rd runaway expansion plans with communities, Universities and workplaces with stops in NY, Chicago, LA, SF, Seattle, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and further.

(2009 – 2010) Climate9 Campaign Coordinator – The ‘Climate9’ was the first climate change jury trial to take place in Scotland The trial brought global public attention to the need for action in order to prevent runaway climate change. The Climate9 received support from diverse organisations, including leading anti-racist groups ( The Monitoring Group), pioneering environmental justice groups (Capacity Global), world leaders in community environmental governance (The Gaia Foundation), top spiritual bodies (The Muslim Council of Scotland) churches, politicians (Caroline Lucas), NGOs (Friends of the Earth Scotland and Stop Climate Chaos Scotland), musicians (Linton Kwesi Johnson), journalists (John Pilger) and more.

(2007- 2010) Plane Stupid Scotland Co-Convenor and part of the Network Developing Team – Organising as the primary point of contact and support for the Plane Stupid Scotland network of activists and groups with the overall task of developing, growing and supporting the network. Plane Stupid work to raise public and political awareness of the contribution that the aviation sector has in causing climate change.

(2009) Glasgow Social Centre Co-founder and network developer – Co-founder of Glasgow’s primary social justice social centre to support and deliver programmes enabling local anti-racism and environmental groups to deliver central objectives operating as a hub for a variety of community and social groups in Glasgow.

(2005) Northern Alaskan Environment Centre Mining and Wolf Conservation Programme Assistant – Researcher to the wolf-predation control programme and community environmental education programme organiser on Alaskan mining schemes in particular regard to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR).

(2002 – 2003) Street Charity Fundraiser – Community fundraiser and communications strategist for a variety of charities including ‘Care International’ on overseas development, ‘Shelter UK’ for the homeless and inadequately housed and ‘Friends of the Earth’ the largest global environmental pressure group

(2001-2003) London WISH homeless shelter organiser and support worker – Serving food to the homeless, security and general administration

TESTIMONIAL (Further available on request)

As President of the University of Sussex Students Union Dan worked tirelessly through formal and informal channels to make real, positive change and inspired many other young people to fight for what they believed in and to actively question the decisions and the decision makers within our society. A healthy society needs these people.” Paul Newton, Union Director, University of Sussex Students Union

Dan Glass won the 2008 Sheila McKechnie Foundation (SMK) Transport Campaigner Award winner… Dan is a skilled and eloquent climate campaigner…[and] an engaging, well-considered and formidable presenter…With Dan Glass involved, who says debates can’t be challenging, fun, and informative? Dan’s enthusiasm and passion is impressive and infectious.” Linda Butcher, Chief Executive, Sheila McKechnie Foundation

Each and every collaboration with The Glass is Half Full has left me feeling ready and raring to take on some of the major issues going on around us, with added confidence and knowledge about how to create change from the bottom up. Humour, powerful insight and a whole load of energy make these projects one of a kind.” Alice Moore, Sheila McKechnie Foundation (SMK)

As the ‘Shafted?!’ show builds to a crescendo we feel the release of disclosure, celebration and sheer rebellion – (in the spirit of ‘Aids Coalition to Unleash Power (ACT UP)) the fight for social justice as well as the fight of the individual for recognition and acceptance.” Scotsgay Theatre Edition, June, 2014

“The Glass Is Half Full gave a really inspiring workshop to the young artists and activists here in Harare. His talk afterwards about what motivates him to be an activist was nothing short of powerful and hugely motivating. Dan’s story and his activism definitely have a global reach.” Samm Farai Monro aka Comrade Fatso, Creative Director: Magamba Network, Festival Director: Shoko Festival, Executive Producer: Zambezi News


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