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Training for Transformation Palestine

Training for Transformation (TFT) Palestine is six month long human rights activism empowerment programme facilitated by some of the world’s leading popular education facilitators to build strength in overcoming the illegal Israeli occupation. TFT Palestine are collabroating with some of the leading social justice movements in Palestine such as ‘The Centre for Freedom and Justice‘, ‘The Popular Struggle Coordination Committee‘ and ‘The Freedom Theatre’ in Jenin.  We are currently training activists, educators and organising fundraising programmes across the world to make this programme a reality. We are looking for people to be involved in the organising team, in a small or large way – including volunteers for networking, press, communication, facilitation and much more. Please register your interest by emailing

Participants will learn with the world renowned Training for Transformation (TfT) movement born out of Steve Biko’s ‘Black Consciousness Movement’ and incredible fearless community activists from across Africa. The programme is delivered within an ‘action-reflection’ cycle whereby between the two phases the participant, with support from facilitators, carry out they skills they have learnt in the training to empower their communities and, in the second phase, deepen their skills by reflecting on what was good, and what could be better next time. The research phase is after the second two weeks, where for two months, participants carry out a long term project in their communities to raise critical consciousness and action for strategic change.

Training for Transformation (TfT) is based on a number of approaches to change. The core of this work is the development of critical consciousness and creativity. It was developed from Paulo Freire’s radically different approach to adult education which helped people “to read their reality and write their own history”, and motivates them to action that transforms their life situation. The uniqueness of Freire’s approach challenges the traditional educational mould. The implementation of this theory is very practical with well trained teams analysing the macro and micro realities of each area, finding generative themes and developing programmes that aim to develop critical consciousness and action. TfT has nourished the belly of movements for justice all over the world. Anne Hope (co-founder of TfT along with the magnificent Sally Timmel) was a student with popular education founding father Paulo Friere and was approached by the late great Steve Biko to develop a programme in the context of anti-Apartheid. Steve Biko, founder of the Black Consciousness Movement was a pivotal force lifeforce in tearing down the evils of Apartheid and since then, TfT has inspired activists and communities all over the world. To mention just a few – the Centre for Human Ecology, Abahlali – the South African Shackdwellers Movement, Centre for Youth Resources Foundation Network (CRYfoNe), Mamelani, the Brazilian Landless Workers Movement (MST).

CURRENT PROGRAMME – The ‘Palestinian Dabkeh Flashmob on Operation Protective Edge Flashmob’ will take place across the UK on July 18th 2015 in support of the ‘Boycott Divestment and Sanctions’ campaign. We intend to confront Israeli-Apartheid business as usual armed only with shopping trolleys incredible dance moves.


Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 08.09.19Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 08.09.28 The number of civilians killed during Israel’s Operation Protective Edge offensive has raised international concern and condemnation. Between 8 July and 27 August, more than 2,100 Palestinians were killed in the Gaza Strip, along with 66 Israeli soldiers and seven civilians in Israel. The UN says the vast majority of Palestinian deaths are civilian and many called the attack a genocide. 

We are looking for 100 people per city to come to the creative day of activism training which includes the Dabkeh Dance rehearsal who can then spread the word and encourage others to join in. The Palestinian dabkeh was traditionally used to scare away evil forces and protect the security and growth of seedlings.

A list of key places selling Israeli goods will be shared shortly along with a press and legal brief. 
Trainings – Venues tbc. 
Manchester – 28th June 2- 5pm 
London – 12th July 2- 5pm 
Glasgow 19th – June – 10-1 
To reserve your space and / or get involved in the organising crew please email – For all press enquiries please email

Also during the day of inspiration we will have a panel and workshops led by people who have created highly transformative, imaginative, effective and attention-grabbing protests to challenge the occupation.
This is also in support of the amazing Freedom Theatre’s ‘The Siege’ show coming to the UK. We welcome everyone who goes to see the show as well as everyone in the UK who is interested in developing skills to overcome the Israeli oppression and apartheid.The days are organised by a coalition of movements in support of a free Palestine. It is led by Training for Transformation Palestine in collaboration with many groups part of Friends of the Freedom Theatre UK. Training for Transformation (TFT) Palestine is human rights activism empowerment programme facilitated by some of the world’s leading popular education facilitators to build strength in overcoming the illegal Israeli occupation –