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Standing on the Shoulder of Giants – A Tribute to Mandela

Let Freedom Ring! – from South Africa came the UK Training for Transformation Programme

A celebration and Tribute to Nelson Mandela and the activist in South Africa who have both inspired and worked with the oppressed across the UK to ‘overcome’ injustice. How can we utilise popular education whilst living under capitalism to mitigate the erosion of critical consciousness. What can we do to arm ourselves to remain mindful of how our freedoms can be subverted? Continue Reading…

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The Politics of Mental Health – A Sussex Activism Inspires! Workshop by Alexandra Molano-Avilan

“Perhaps one of the least understood areas of human health today is mental health. Tremendous stigma and ignorance of mental health issues still exist all around the world. However, this is not the only challenge faced by mental health practitioners and activists. People with mental health issues are often the victims of political agendas and poor institutions that prevent them from receiving the kinds of support they need. Continue Reading…