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UPCOMING SHOW! ‘DECAIDS’ – Her Royal HIVness Celebrates Us All. August 2016

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The art and theatricality of HIV / AIDS activism captured the imagination during the 1980’s first crisis. 30 years later and HIV / AIDS still rages across the world. One of the little-known root causes of the global HIV pandemic is due to homophobic legislation introduced by the British Empire during the height of colonialism. In the 76 countries where it is homosexuality is still illegal, HIV transmissions are still on the rise as the stigma is compounded, further allowing, pharmaceutical companies which profit from the pandemic see our latest event ‘In the name of David Kato’.

‘DecAIDS’ is a theatre show for people living with HIV / HEP to share the realities of life, love and struggle, to celebrate the journey the lives of those living with HIV / AIDS and to highlight root causes of the pandemic. So often, people living with HIV and other conditions, are stigmatised in our society; treated as passive recipients of resources, or silenced and invisibilized altogether.

So in typical ACT UP LONDON style, full of cabaret, mischief and flair we aim to create all the materials for a highly creative, potentially disruptive, very meaningful action in august. The creative team exists to frame Decaids in a way for maximum cheekiness / reaction and to connect, agitate and empower diaspora LGBT / HIV groups living in the UK to animate in an accessible and inspiring way the relationship between the HIV pandemic, global homophobia and the role of the British Empire.

Decaids is a 2 part process – (1) Subversive royal HIV celebration march towards Buckingham Palace and (2) A Theatre show in a central London location.

Draft Promotional Text – DECAIDS – Her Royal HIVness Celebrates Us All.

‘One would be delighted to join one for DECAIDS in August 2016. DECAIDS will be hosted in the divine London Royal Palace Lavatory where aperitif’s of pheasant and poppers will be served. DECAIDS is a celebration of the Royal and the Common Folk living with HIV. It serves to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Her Royal HIVness (me) diagnosis’. Please do join one to celebrate that hot stud ten years ago who royally fucked me without a condom, without whom, I may never have met ordinary fine folk like oneselves. I know that in my time on the throne I have been doing bugger-all to acknowledge the global HIV pandemic that my beloved British Empire got off the ground – but now I have seen that my crown has been too tight. I will share my crown jewels for all as I am ever so pleased to announce that I will add to my royal duties the celebration of those living with HIV. Similarly, just as I write to anyone when they reach their 100th birthday I will write to those ones who have lived with HIV for 1 week, 1 year, 10 years, 20 years or indeed any significant anniversary and then welcome them ones to this royal occasion and celebrate them – one and one all.

Please, let’s all wave ones royal fists in the air and celebrate those living with HIV. Gosh! It will be spiffing!’

All Her Royal HIVness’ proceeds shall go to ACT UP LONDON (Aids Coalition To Unleash Power) and all those fighting those god-awful terrible Pharmaceutical companies.’

Related Work

DecAIDS’ is developed in the tradition of the successful ACT UP performance shows ‘Shafted?’ And ‘HIV Blind Date’ –

SHAFTED?! Teaser Video 

Shafted?! The Show – Behind the Scenes – A Celebration of ACT UP (Aids Coalition to Unleash Power)

HIV Blind Date 1 at ‘The Glory’ 

“I see “Shafted” the show as a stepping stone to breaking down barriers of stigma, and have everyone accepted as one.” Billy, Shafted?! storyteller and performer “On behalf of ACT UP New York’s alumni, we’re thrilled to see the UK acting-up again. Shafted?! reminds us of our gloriously ribald and creative roots, so keep up the fight, comrades. Until there’s a cure, ACT UP!” Peter Staley, legendary AIDS and gay rights activist.

ACT UP LONDON 2016 Newsletter 

Ladybeard Magazine HIV Blind Date 

Creative Team

We have a range of leading artists, theatre-makers and activists involved in ACT UP LONDON and beyond who will be developing the show. We will also be working with a wide range of London’s leading HIV service providers to develop and produce the show.


ACT UP London is a diverse, non-partisan group of individuals united in anger and committed to action to end the HIV pandemic. We are part of the global ACT UP network – see the film trailer ‘United in Anger’. ACT UP London combats this through creative campaigns – we recently led the ‘Beyond UKIP Cabaret’ including ‘HIV anti- stigma’ classes at the front of UKIP leader Nigel Farage’s pub, held a series ‘HIV Blind Date’ events, in which contestants – three people living with HIV and/or Hep C – answered questions relating to their vision for the future and organised ‘AIDStravaganza’ – welcoming in new artists’ work to animate the issues at hand. Cuts to services, rising transmission levels and the mistaken belief that HIV was resolved in the 1980s have led people to name this era – the ‘HIV Second Silence’. All details at and @ ACT UP! FIGHT BACK! FIGHT AIDS!

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Pls Share and RSVP – ‘Let Freedom Ring!’ In Celebration of Anne Hope – 25.4.16 – 6.30pm – 8pm – Central London

Learn from some of UK’s leading revolutionary community educators

Explore the philosophies of ‘Training for Transformation’

Meet others to radically transform our world for the greater common good

Come and celebrate Anne Hope’s life

Monday 25th April 2016 – 6.30pm – 8pm – 22 Russell Square, Rom T102, SOAS University of London, WC1H OXG (nearest station – Russell Square). Donations Welcome. Wheelchair accessible. RSVP to –Facebook page click here

Anne Hope, along with Sally Timmel, founded the world-renowned Training for Transformation (TFT) community education programme. She recently passed away leaving a huge legacy of revolution, joy and transformation for communities across the world. See ‘A remarkable history of popular education: Learning through the story of two feminist activists from South Africa’

During Anti-Apartheid, Anne was asked by Steve Biko, founder of the Black Consciousness Movement, to work with their leadership for six months on participatory methods of Paulo Freire. Soon after the training most of the leadership was imprisoned and she was advised to go into exile to continue the work or face imprisonment. Later, Steve said that there were two people who shaped his life – a nun in 6th grade and Anne Hope.’ Tribute to Anne Hope – a woman of substance in anti-apartheid movement, Cape Times, 29th December 2015​

Training for Transformation (TfT) is ‘based on a philosophy of justice that seeks the common good.’ (Hope & Timmel, 2014) It is underpinned by the conviction that transformation is not only possible, but essential. Associated with the work of the Brazilian educator Paulo Freire and the writings of Frantz Fanon and Antonio Gramsci, TfT aims at conscientisation. Here, learning ‘to read the world’ and understand how personal troubles are connected to broader socio-political issues and people, is the beginning for action. Acting, together, to radically change conditions of oppression and exploitation, is the practice that TfT aims at.

All donations will go to the Anne Hope Legacy Fund – Sponsoring a woman for training in the Training for Transformation course. All details at

I have become increasingly convinced that development is essentially a spiritual process. It does not depend primarily on having huge funds thrown at its feet, but on vision, daring, courage and generosity.” Anne Hope, 2007 ‘Building a convivial society: Insights from Nyerere and Freire’ at the Julius Nyerere Annual Lecture on Lifelong Learning, 2007.

Guest Speakers –

Maria Lahumatina – Maria is an activist and educator from Papua New Guinea. Maria is an independent consultant with a passion for and focus on the liberation of the Papuan people from socioeconomic oppression and environmental injustice. After participating in the Training for Transformation diploma course in 2012-13 Maria has been facilitating community transformative learning and supporting emerging community leaders. Read more in ‘Training for Transformation in practise’ edited by Anne Hope and Sally Timmel and at‘Homestay Association’ Maria’s community based organisation in Raja ampat Establishing Indonesia Training for Transformation has been Maria’s long term focus shared and supported by friends and colleagues from Indonesia, UK, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Sukant Chandan – Sukant has been active in radical anti-imperialist and grassroots activism and study for over twenty years. He was a co-founder of the CheLeila Youth Brigades which sent dozens of delegations to Palestine, Vietnam, Venezuela, Ireland and other countries, and is more recently a coordinator at the Malcolm X Movement formed in 2015. He frequently appears on global south TV such as on Iranian, Chinese and Russian channels to advocate for the rights and liberation of colonised peoples.

Andrea Cornwall – Andrea Cornwall is Head of the School of Global Studies at the University of Sussex. A political anthropologist by training, she’s worked with participatory approaches to research and education for more than 20 years. She first came across Training for Transformation in Zimbabwe in the late 1980s where she used it to design and carry out a participatory research project that explored women’s indigenous reproductive knowledge and right to an informed choice of contraception. She’s drawn on Training for Transformation for inspiration many times since, in work ranging from community health mobilisation in London housing estates to press for accountability, to trainings on rights and power for NGOs and aid bureaucrats, international workshops with sexual rights activists and interactive lectures with Sussex undergraduate students.

Enda Byrne – ‘Training for Transformation’ can be described as a great river originating in a number of different springs. These sources were joined together initially in the Delta Training where Enda Byrne, a long-term community educator who, from 1973 to 1980 created programmes for 3 million people with leadership skills and brought new life to different fields: including Health, Agriculture, Literacy, Women‟s and Youth groups. Training programs were also held in Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria, Southern Africa, and India during those years. Enda has catalysed many community empowerment programmes since then including ‘DELTA for the Balkans’ inter-ethnic reconciliation & peace-building programme in partnership with (IRC) Interreligious Council of Bosnia- Herzegovina and with Orthodox, Catholic and Muslim local faith leaders; also ‘Women Together for Peace’ in Srebrenica & Bratunac Municipalities

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The Glass Is Half Full – Performance and Protest for 2016 – Get Involved.

The Glass Is Half Full – Performance and Protest for 2016 – Get Involved.

The Glass Half Full’s social change programmes are provocative, politically charged and take pleasure in overcoming injustice through performance, popular education, movement building and a celebration of diversity.

Empowering social change needs to address both the root cause of the issue and be led by those affected by it. Rising inequality and ongoing oppressions like xenophobia, HIV-phobia and racism demands ordinary people like us to penetrate repetitive cycles of political violence.

2015 highlights included trainings and programmes which supported LGBTQI communities to challenge gentrification, presenting HIV, HIV / HEP C Blind Date  led by people with HIV+ to tell their own story, the Holocaust-memorial activism influenced ‘Beyond UKIP Cabaret’ cabaret in Nigel Farage’s boozer and the ‘R.I.P. Pride Funeral’ which chased human-rights abusing corporations and UKIP off Pride. A wealth of trainings and talks including at the amazing ‘Visthar – Gender, Diversity and Social Transformation’ and building for Paris COP21’s ‘Climate Games’ were a treat to be part of. 

2016 exciting collaborations include so far a series of trainings with the amazing Beautiful Trouble creative activism training programme here in the UK, a continuation of the ‘Counterculture happy hours’ in Central London as well as many more performance art protests including ‘Shafted? – the HIV cabaret’ aswell as LGBTQI events galore such as ‘The Queer witch of the East will never die’ – a Chariots Spell’. The Glass Is half Full growing list of resources for anyone wanting to create positive change as well as the press list are growing daily.

Please do get in touch if you would like shows, talks, press, trainings or strategic mentoring for your community justice programme on any of the following (more detail here)

1. ‘Rehearsing for the Revolution’ Performance as Protest
2. Press Training
3. Strategic Planning
4. Civil Disobedience
5. Popular Education
6. Community Self – Defence
7. Community Transformation and Empowerment
8. Organising across cultures for social justice
9. Creative Facilitation
10. Organising legal trials for social change
11. HIV Activism
12. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex (LGBTQI) Activism

Contact dan at / / Twitter #danglassisfull


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Fag to the Future: Redyking the City – CALL-OUT TO PERFORMERS / ORGANISERS

Fag to the Future: Redyking the City


Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 12.54.18

[Photo – Homocaust Cabaret – London 2015]

150 years ago, ‘homosexuals’ did not exist. There were perverts, but no gays. There were was a queen, but she didn’t sing, wore far too little make-up, and believed female same-sex desire did not exist. Since then, London has been a scene of radical queer transformations, much of which came out of queer communities carving spaces for themselves, unashamedly affirming their desires and identities, being ridiculous in the name of fun and freedom.

Now these spaces are coming under sustained attack like never before. LGBTQI communities are having their nightlife, services and community spaces threatened and closed, so that property developers and bankers can make money out of London’s property market: serving the few at the expense of the many. How do we, as custodians of a rich queer history, respond?


Please come to what we hope will be the first of many outrageously fun queer fundraiser parties to build strength in our community. Money from ‘Fag to the Future: Redyking the City’ will go towards a few key grassroots LGBTQI / HIV direct action movements. We’re looking for performers that can honour our queer history in style and show a vision of what our queer future might look like.

We would like to hear from all performers who would like to appear at this night to remember. The more fierce, sparkly and mind-boggling the better. Please email with a few lines about yourself and why you would like to be involved and we shall meet up for a chat! 

In love and strength,

dan / dan and a growing number of LGBTQI / HIV grassroots movements. 

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[Photo – R.I.P. London – June 2015]



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Please Forward to all your friends you think will appreciate :)

The School of Global Studies presents….


Paying tribute to Sussex rich historical activist past and organising for the future – through a week of skill-shares, action trainings, speakers and performances to share and learn approaches, strategies, tactics and tools for positive social change.

Sunday June 7th – The right to … shelter / food

Monday June 8th – The right to … love / body

Tuesday June 9th – The right to … education / work

Wednesday June 10th – The right to …life / movement

Thursday June 11th – The right to expression

RSVP your space for one or all the workshops at ASAP or just turn up!

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“Whether you’re a seasoned activist or just looking to dip your toe in the waters of direct action, I can’t recommend Sussex Activism Inspires! enough. Workshops with independent journalists, lawyers, activists and academics give you plenty of opportunity to share strategies and tactics, discuss the activists role in contemporary society, brush up on your rights and make invaluable contacts.” Kai Heron – Sussex Activism Inspires! 2014 participant



Where? The School of Global Studies’ Global Resource Centre, with larger sessions and workshops taking place elsewhere on the Sussex University campus.

Who? Anyone can participate. This event brings the opportunity to meet and mingle with an eclectic mix of students, alumni, activists, practitioners and creatives.



Facebook Page Click Here –

Website – and

Email contact –


Sunday June 7th – The right to … shelter / food

3 – 4.30pm- What is activism? (Geography Resource Centre Arts C)

This workshop provides strategies of resistance, ideas for creative disruption, imaginative intervention and thinking-outside-the-box tools to become exhilarated at the powerful adrenalin of the capacity of creative civil disobedience for positive social change. We will explore – What is activism? Why do we need it? What are the myths? How can we make dreams a reality?

4.30-5pm Break

5-7pm – Dinner and welcome presentations – (Geography Resource Centre Arts C)

We will be hearing from Imogen from the Real Junk Food Project and Ree from the Love Activists Brighton will speak about food waste and homelessness in Brighton. We will hear performer and activist Lyndsay on ‘Recovery from an eating disorder, love and empowerment ‘ and also see the opening the international relations mural and film and hear from the brilliant beat poet Matt!


Monday June 8th – The right to … love / body

10am – 12noon The Expressive Body – (Geography Resource Centre Arts C) –

Kate Hilder’s improvisation classes combine movement, voice and spoken language and encourage creativity, spontaneity and playful expression. They are valuable for anyone wanting to discover new forms of expression as well as for performers wanting to expand their on-stage presence.

12-1 Lunch break

1-3pm Body Mapping – (Geography Resource Centre Arts C)

This session introduces a technique called “body mapping” to explore our understandings and feelings about our bodies. We’ll learn how to use the technique and how to facilitate body mapping with groups of people as way of opening up a dialogue on the politics of the body, sharing knowledge and building confidence.

3-3.30 Break

3.30-5pm – Debate – Save us from Saviours & discussion about sex worker rights – (Geography Resource Centre Arts C)

Society is permeated with attitudes towards sex workers that stigmatize. Sex workers are seen as the spreaders of disease, marriage wreckers, immoral, and unfit parents, and face the loss of their homes and families if their work is known, as well as arrest and imprisonment in a number of countries. This workshop is a place to critically examine myths and stereotypes about sex work, and to learn about how sex worker activism is challenging stigma, building resistance and enabling sex workers to name and claim their demands for rights as workers and recognition as human beings.

5-7pm Break

7pm Screening of ‘Pride’ Film – (Back of Falmer Bar, Falmer House)

This cult activist movie is based on a true story, the film depicts a group of lesbian and gay activists who raised money to help families affected by the British miners’ strike in 1984, at the outset of what would become the Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners campaign. The National Union of Mineworkers was reluctant to accept the group’s support due to the union’s public relations’ worries about being openly associated with a gay group, so the activists instead decided to take their donations directly to Onllwyn, a small mining village in Wales, resulting in an alliance between the two communities. The alliance was unlike any seen before but was successful.


Tuesday June 9th – The right to … education / work

10am – 12 – Hate Speech and Freedom of Expression – (Geography Resource Centre Arts C)

Dr. Charlotte Skeet (School of Law and Politics) to run a session on Hate Speech and Freedom of Expression – Freedom of speech is the concept of the inherent human right to voice one’s opinion publicly without fear of censorship or punishment. “Speech” is not limited to public speaking and is generally taken to include other forms of expression.

12-1pm Break

1-3pm Civil Disobedience and the Language of activism (Geography Resource – Arts C)

This workshop explores how we can disrupt the status quo with cheekiness, pranks and humour can do wonders to amplify programmes for social justice as well as to trick our targets out of power. Civil disobedience is the active refusal to obey certain laws, demands and commands of a government or of an occupying international power. Without civil disobedience the world would be a very different place. Women may not have the right to vote, we might be divided by our skin colour or the Nazi’s may still be in power. We need direct ways of regaining control of our lives and an ethic of direct action can be a part of this. Civil Disobedience isn’t just an action or intervening in the mechanisms of injustice, it’s a way of organising, of understanding and being in this world.

3-3.30 Break

3.30 -5pm – What have other people at Sussex done? (Geography Resource Centre Arts C)

This workshop explores the wide variety of journeys, professions and lives full of social justice, liberation and adventure that previous Sussexc students have gone on to do. Leading civil rights lawyers, advocates holding the police to account, pioneering anti-racist jpournalists, mental health activists, anti-corruption media personalities and so much more. Come here to find out more


Wednesday June 10th – The right to …life / movement

10am – 12noon – Transforming Education – (Geography Resource Centre Arts C)

Radical methods for learning, empowerment and justice – Popular education is a process which aims to empower people who are marginalized socially and politically to take control of their own learning and to effect social change, build confidence, competence and commitment within and between individuals, groups, organisations and communities.

12-1pm Break

1 – 3pm – Simple ways to use digital media for campaigning, mobilising and freedom of speech – (Geography Resource Centre Arts C)

Social Media and Communications Technology has completely transformed the landscape of Activism. In this session, media strategist Mattieu Ramsawak will connect you with methods, resources and strategies to make a bigger impact using media.

3-3.30 Break

3.30 -5pm – Theatre for social change – (Geography Resource Centre Arts C)

Cabaret, carnival, speakeasys and street protest have been a huge vehicle throughout history for radical change. The gay community cabarets preceding Hitler’s Nazi Germany, the civil rights speakeasys preceding racial segregation, ‘Reclaim the Streets’ carnivals against capitalism and the wealth of current street performances against austerity and prejudice in Britain bring expression, imagination, poetry, spoken word, colour, sassyness and flair to strategically organised political actions for social justice.


Thursday June 11th – The right to expression

10am – 12 noon – Spoken Word training – (Geography Resource Centre Arts C)

Writing is not only a medium of creative expression and imagination; it can be a potent tool for speaking out against injustice, and to inspire and invigorate people into action. In this session, poet and Mattieu Dominic Ramsawak will provide you with tips on improving your writing skills, and also will guide you on how to become more political with your writing.

12-1pm Break

1-4pm – Facilitation Training – (Geography Resource Centre Arts C)

This creative facilitation workshop builds a commitment to collective liberation, valuing what everyone brings to the work and acknowledging the intersectionality of issues. We also use experiential education tools to highlight ways to experience, reflect, generalize and apply the content of the training to each participants individual community setting. We will enable teams from community programmes key creative facilitation and participatory-collaboration skills needed to build on-going organisation capacity, effective meetings and creative art-storming!

4-7pm Break

7- 9pm Jam Poetry / Open mic social justice and spoken word closing ceremony at the Back of Falmer Bar

Standing on the Shoulder of Giants – A Tribute to Mandela

Let Freedom Ring! – from South Africa came the UK Training for Transformation Programme

A celebration and Tribute to Nelson Mandela and the activist in South Africa who have both inspired and worked with the oppressed across the UK to ‘overcome’ injustice. How can we utilise popular education whilst living under capitalism to mitigate the erosion of critical consciousness. What can we do to arm ourselves to remain mindful of how our freedoms can be subverted? Continue Reading…

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The Politics of Mental Health – A Sussex Activism Inspires! Workshop by Alexandra Molano-Avilan

“Perhaps one of the least understood areas of human health today is mental health. Tremendous stigma and ignorance of mental health issues still exist all around the world. However, this is not the only challenge faced by mental health practitioners and activists. People with mental health issues are often the victims of political agendas and poor institutions that prevent them from receiving the kinds of support they need. Continue Reading…