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Each and every collaboration with The Glass is Half Full has left me feeling ready and raring to take on some of the major issues going on around us, with added confidence and knowledge about how to create change from the bottom up. Humour, powerful insight and a whole load of energy make these projects one of a kind.” Alice Moore, Sheila McKechnie Foundation (SMK)

Interested? Inspired? Hungry for more? Would you like a speaker or a training on the issues raised in ‘The Glass Is Half Full?’ Request A Talk or a Training! Please contact dan at

Websites will never change the world. Nothing beats the adrenalin created when we get together in person and conspire to organise for justice. Get in touch for a speaker or a training to deepening your learning.

Along with many other incredible organisers, performers and artists involved in The Glass Is Half Full, I am available for talks, trainings and skill-shares. These can range from a 2 hour session to a month long in-depth programme. Prices range depending on the talk / training being requested and a sliding scale of price is offered to make the skills available to everyone.

In the least five years we’ve helped organise and facilitate over 50 trainings, expanded on the speaker and training skills offered and generated a whopping list of resources [LINK] including some of our own films and handbooks. Some of the successes in the last five years include training HIV activists to shut down those perpetuating HIV stigma’s offices in London to creating a people’s cabaret in fascist political leaders pubs to training programmes in London ‘Strategies of Protest’ (George Padmore Institute, 2010); Manchester ‘The Art of Activism’ (Politika, 2014); Harare, Zimbabwe  ‘People Power, activism and the imagination’  Headline at Shoko Festival (2013) to Harvard University (Massachusetts, USA – 2011) ‘Direct Action and New Tactics for Environmental and Social Justice’  – we’ve done a few barmitzvah’s along the way. For dan’s full CV click here.

Here’s a sampling of what’s on offer which we can also address in a custom-tailored programme for you. Interested? Request A Talk or a Training! Please contact dan at

1. 'Rehearsing for the Revolution' Performance as Protest
2. Press Training
3. Strategic Planning
4. Civil Disobedience
5. Popular Education
6. Community Self – Defence
7. Community Transformation and Empowerment
8. Organising across cultures for social justice
9. Creative Facilitation
10. Organising legal trials for social change
11. HIV Activism
12. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex (LGBTQI) Activism

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             Beyond UKIP Cabaret 'Farage Fracas - my day with the anti-UKIP Cabaret'

'Rehearsing for the Revolution' Performance as Protest

Cabaret, carnival, speakeasys and street protest have been a huge vehicle throughout history for radical change. The gay community cabarets preceding Hitler’s Nazi Germany, the civil rights speakeasys preceding racial segregation, ‘Reclaim the Streets’ carnivals against capitalism and the wealth of current street performances against austerity and prejudice in Britain bring expression, imagination, poetry, spoken word, colour, sassyness and flair to strategically organised political actions for social justice.

Specific Skills – This training is a step-by-step guide to creating actions using tools including image theatre, theatre of the oppressed, coalition-building cabarets and occupations of corporate headquarters which turn into carnivals for life, love, laughter and humanity. We will share the behind the scenes organising skills such as aesthetics, critical conscientisation, coalition-building, creating a spectacle, building a strong narrative, press training, how to empower everyone to step forward, creating decision-dilemmas, killing with kindness, beautiful banners, creating activist theatre props and more. To book contact dan at

Press Training

Our actions and programmes to make the world a more equal place deserve to get the attention they deserve! If we want to get our messages out to the right places and across a variety of media channels we need to meet our audience where they are at, capture the public imagination and enable the audience to capture clearly what our actions and demands want to express.

Specific Skills – This talk / training will prepare groups for interviews, press events and provide a comprehensive outline of how to create effective press strategies including press releases, speaking to the press and an organising press strategy for pre, during and post action. This is essential for raising awareness about our issues, in the press, influencing public opinion, enabling people to be their own vehicles for communication and creating mass legitimacy for people’s activism on an issue of concern. We will cover interviews, aesthetics, what we want to convey, guerilla press tactics, press prankster-ism, body language, non-verbal communication, banner making, key messages, sound-bites, press pitches, style points, media solidarity and key tips such as ‘acknowledge, bridge, communicate.’ Why wait until the media catches on the important issues of social justice? Let’s create our own! To book contact dan at

Strategic Planning

We need to arm ourselves with a glorious toolkit of strategic creative tactics for social change if we need to challenge injustice in the way that it challenges us and the planet’s safety at large. We need effective, sharp and mass-empowering actions to create the change we need. Too often programmes for positive social change don’t reach their potential as we don’t create the necessary time for strategic planning.

Specific Skills – This talk / training will share key tools to win including ‘What constitutes a win’, generating ‘Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound (S.M.A.R.T)’ programmes for change, building milestones, aims + activities and outcomes, critical escalation techniques, unexpected alliances of strength, capacity building, visioning exercises, deepening inquiry, collaborative organising, action learning and praxis and so much more to create effective actions for social justice where we still have a smile on our faces at the end of the day! To book contact dan at

Civil Disobedience

Supergluing Prime Ministers, playing golf on airport runways, cross-dressing gay rights catwalk shows, occupying Parliament roof-tops and confronting the military dressed as clowns is a whole lot of fun but also deadly serious. Disrupting the status quo with cheekiness, pranks and humour can do wonders to amplify programmes for social justice as well as to trick our targets out of power. Civil disobedience is the active refusal to obey certain laws, demands and commands of a government or of an occupying international power. Without civil  disobedience the world would be a very different place. Women may not have the right to vote, we might be divided by our skin colour or the Nazi’s may still be in power. We need direct ways of regaining control of our lives and an ethic of direct action can be a part of this. Civil Disobedience isn’t just an action or intervening in the mechanisms of injustice, it’s a way of organising, of understanding and being in this world.

Specific Skills – This talk / training can provide strategies of resistance, ideas for creative disruption, imaginative intervention and thinking-outside-the-box tools to become exhilarated at the powerful adrenalin of the capacity of creative civil disobedience for positive social change. To book contact dan at

Popular Education

Popular education is a process which aims to empower people who are marginalized socially and politically to take control of their own learning and to effect social change, build confidence, competence and commitment within and between individuals, groups, organisations and communities.

Specific Skills – This talk / training explores how to build supportive relationships with other people that produce knowledge, as part of sustained concerted actions based on a shared understanding of the need for intense political social change. Everyone involved will help have the time to create their own ‘inquiry process’ to understand and generate methods which nourish the conditions of political life in their communities and to create initiatives for positive change. We will expand on relevant literature which contextualises popular education in it’s role for empowerment. It will explore the transformative pedagogical practice, variously called popular/ liberatory/ radical education. ‘Popular’, in particular, has many meanings, evoking ‘of’ or ‘from’ the people, so it can be mobilised by all political orientations. In practice, it has been used by revolutionary guerrillas, intellectual Marxists, liberal adult educators in Universities and institutions such as the World Bank. The word ‘Conscientization’ (conscience – action) contributes significantly here – it refers to a critical positioning (action) in face of a reality understood from a continuous process of reflection and questioning (conscience). That’s why popular education is also called ‘education for empowerment’. To book contact dan at

Community Self – Defence

Being Homo Sapiens, or “knowing humans”, humans have a biological instinct deeply rooted to the survival mechanism which keeps us interested in our self-interest. The essence of human nature is the minimizing of self-interest for the greater good: an expansion of empathy with others. While much can be done to expand the self and ultimately identify with the environment and the entire ecosphere some shadow of self interest will still remain, influencing the way we protect and perceive the environment. If we were to appreciate our unbreakable bonds to other humans and the entire natural world, we’d be more likely to act in ‘community defence’ when engaging in green activism. Community Defence is largely associated with social and environmental injustice meaning that everyone should have access to a safe, healthy environment, and to environmental resources. This can mean things often considered “environmental”, such as green spaces and clean air, but also other things such as healthy food and warm, secure housing. All environmental justice struggles are also about social justice. Part of fighting environmental injustice is therefore addressing the social injustices that mean that some groups are better able to protect themselves from environmental problems and have more access to environmental resources.

Specific Skills – This talk / training provides a set of tools – that is concepts, techniques and mechanisms – that contribute to existing frameworks in radical movements by taking a direct role in producing community-defence strategies that resonate with movement campaigns, organizations, and initiatives. To book contact dan at

Community Transformation and Empowerment

Can community programmes for justice be transformative and empowering? How can those marginalised by society be afforded the luxury of archived, open and organised political activity? Empowerment is often known as the social processes’ that help people gain control over their lives and community for the greater common good.

Specific Skills – This talk / training enables the coming together of a range of communities to become equipped them with tools to engage critically and become activists to transform society. It ignites leadership conversations to share visions and ensure action which has a deep and long term commitment to social justice, with a strong sense of responsibility and accountability to the communities whom they serve. It will provides an opportunity to work consciously at  a personal and emotional level to investigate how empowerment processes can occur and influence wider political engagement strategies. The main elements of the training are: Human Relations Skills; Organisation Development; Social Analysis; The Principles and Methods of Paolo Freire; Concepts Of Transformation; Interpersonal and Listening Skills; Conflict Resolution; Leadership and Personal Growth; Addressing community needs; Building community strength and incorporating healthy reflection processes for a more motivating commitment to social justice and life at large. To book contact dan at

Organising across cultures for social justice

We should interact more with each other because we live side by side – only then will we foster empathy by learning more of each other and reduce the distrust between people. This way we get used to living with different people. In a world of hyper-mobility where the make of cities is becoming more diverse every day, a new and different type of ‘contract’ is needed to govern how individuals and groups behave together and see how interaction with the ‘other’ is the best way forward.

Specific Skills – This talk / training is primarily a practical resource designed to strengthen the confidence, competence and commitment of people as they engage with one another across cultures. It is of particular interest to anyone who works in formal or non-formal settings with groups involved in community development, community education, adult education, development education and overseas development. It will also be of interest to those whose lives or work situations involve a significant intercultural dimension. To book contact dan at

Creative Facilitation

Bored of unproductive, uninspiring and ineffective community meetings? Then check here. Standing on the shoulders of giants this talk / training explores how to inspiration from pioneering community empowerment methods such as Paolo Friere and Theatre of the Oppressed and others that reject the mainstream ‘banking’ education method (one person, usually a man, standing in front of the room ‘depositing’ his knowledge into students). These exercises in our toolbox are based in popular education, a concept  grounded  in notions of class consciousness, political struggle, and social transformation.

Specific Skills – Creative facilitation builds a commitment to collective liberation, valuing what everyone brings to the  work and acknowledging the intersectionality of issues. We also use experiential education tools to highlight ways to experience, reflect, generalize and apply the content of the training to each participants individual community setting. We will enable teams from community programmes key creative facilitation and  participatory-collaboration skills needed to build on-going organisation capacity, effective meetings and creative art-storming! To book contact dan at

Organising legal trials for social change

The law is supposed to provide justice for the people – right? Well, if your busy organising programmes to create equality and peace in this world – don’t be scared if your actions end you up in court. For centuries people have utilised the theatre of the courtroom itself to create legal justice and create a splash in the news.

Specific Skills – This talk / training shares how to build a public campaign trial that can be spectacular, inspirational and innovative. We will explore how to generate a defence committee to support the co-defendants on paper and in the media; organise events; generate support in and around the courtroom as part of the spectacle; round up a vast mix of witnesses to speak from different angles; use the press to build momentum; explore how to set a precedents and similar trials that have gone before you; keep track of your lawyers and the legal defence to make sure they are in constant consultation with you; burst the media net by setting up effective blogs/ social networking sites and a website. Remember that the verdict is only one win in fighting for justice; awareness raising and inspiring others to take the necessary action throughout the trial process is a win in itself. Read more here ‘Climate activism: is the trial more important than the protest?‘ To book contact dan at

HIV Activism

How can we create provocative, flamboyant, glamorous, rowdy, insightful, moving, surprising and musical HIV responses to explore and expose the realities of HIV in today’s society? Can we create brilliantly in-your-face activism to stop the  HIV  ‘Second  Silence’ to allow people affected and living with HIV to have a space where they can be themselves and have a voice about their health and lives? Whilst in many places  HIV  is now thankfully a more manageable condition – in 2015, infections in the UK are rising, stigma still exists and prevention services are inadequately supported – and even cut – in many parts of Europe. Not to mention other part of the world where  HIV  is still a death sentence.

Specific Skills – This talk / training offers ideas for combining dance, performance, live music, stunts and  spoken word to tell true life stories of people living with and affected by the virus. It encourages strategic and in-depth campaign planning for HIV justice involving workshop ideas, mentoring schemes and direct actions  UK-wide which all helps respond to HIV stigma, HIV prevention austerity cuts and the  silence  around the epidemic. Here’s the 2013 Show  and the  2014 Show Behind the Scenes  Shafted? Shows for some examples. To book contact dan at

As the ‘Shafted?!’ show builds to a crescendo we feel the release of disclosure, celebration and sheer rebellion – (in the spirit of ‘Aids Coalition to Unleash Power (ACT UP)) the fight for social justice as well as the fight of the individual for recognition and acceptance. ” Scotsgay Theatre Edition, June, 2014

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex (LGBTQI) Activism

The LGBTQI community has a rich tradition of creative activism, critical thinking and building movements for social change. The Stonewall Riots, Lesbian Avengers, Outrage, PRIDE, Chi Mgbako and LGBTQI movements across the world today can inspire us all. This talk / training will explore howe can challenge the criminalisation of homosexuality; disrupt the status quo of the socialisation of dominant ideas of gender and sexuality; build safe queer spaces to organise social change; generate incredible revolutionary LGBTQI club nights and much more to trigger change. And we need it. In Britain alone, our support centres, community spaces, clubs and bars continue to be shut down; proposals to scrap the already minimal LGBTQI sex education in schools gain popularity; hate crime continues to leave one in ten of us bleeding in alleyways; rising right wing political parties continue to target us in their electoral propaganda whilst figures confirm we make up a quarter of UK’s homeless youth. The good news however is that the LGBTQI community and our allies are not willing to wait. We’ve had enough. We are rising in our numbers to become subjects and not  objects in our own reality. See articles -(2015) I.D. Magazine ‘The Activist Issue’ ‘A queer manifesto for radical change’ and (2015) The Daily Beast – The Queer Pushback Begins As Gay London Gets Wiped Out’

Specific Skills – Create campaigns to save our LGBTQI spaces, confront homophobic legislation and programmes for equal education, health and support services. People are coming together to cultivate a society that makes it possible for everyone to satisfy their fundamental needs, enhance the quality of our lives and ultimately to provide hope and meaningful social change for our future. This training shares how to make this a reality. To book contact dan at

Interested? Inspired? Hungry for more? Would you like a speaker or a training on the issues raised in ‘The Glass Is Half Full?’ Request A Talk or a Training! Please contact dan at